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[java] Saving Files To A Chosen Location Within Application Code


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public static void saveAsHandler() throws IOException, DishException
String fileName = StringIO.ask("file name: ");

public static void openHandler() throws IOException, DishException, ClassNotFoundException
String fileName = StringIO.ask("file name: ");
public void saveAs (String aFilename) throws IOException
FileOutputStream outFile = new FileOutputStream (aFilename);
ObjectOutputStream itemsFile = new ObjectOutputStream (outFile);

public void open (String aFilename) throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException
FileInputStream inFile = new FileInputStream (aFilename);
ObjectInputStream itemsFile = new ObjectInputStream (inFile);
menu = (Vector)itemsFile.readObject();
codes = (Vector)itemsFile.readObject();

At the moment files are saved in the same directory as the program has been run from but when I burn it to cd of course this is not possible.

I've seen examples but I cannot work out where things like

[CODE]("Z:\\results\\results.txt"); or ("z:\\results.txt"); or ("z:/results.txt");[/CODE]

are supposed to be placed to save a file created by the java application to a pre determined location. Or even one set by the user.

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