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Vlans And Cisco Equiptment


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As with my previous threads I have mentioned that I want to setup vlans at home (on a budget of course) and I have decided that I may aswell go down the cisco path so that i can a) have a proper solution in place B ) have some hands on experiencing with configuring the equipment - why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone ey.

I have a Windows background, server and client administration and can setup vlan scopes etc but havent had much exposure to cisco config - I can read and understand cisco config but havent actually configured equipment in a live environment.

at present the only equipment i have is a 2950-24 which allows for basic vlan config 802.1q. What I plan to do is as follows:

Modem/Router - WAG120N -

Server 08 - DHCP dishing out 192.168.1.x 2.x 3.x...

And then of course the switch (2 trunk ports - (1) Internet from WAG120N (2)To my ESXi box - vSwitch with vlan tagging)

Problem is that I need a another (possibly layer 3?) switch that supports routing to allow for internet access to all vlans. Unless I'm wrong?

In theory I understand what needs to be done but when I think more into the actual config I get a little confused.

My scopes will obviously have gateways of 1.254 2.254 3.254, as far as I can see - only 1.254 will have access to the net. does this mean 2.254 and 3.254 need to be bridged with 1.254? (if so how would you do that? Can I actually keep the WAG120N or will I need something that supports multiple gateways?

Im not shy in purchasing new equipment but dont want to spend more than I have to, for this will just be used at home.

As always i appreciate all of your help in advance :)

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I would just buy a layer 3 switch, configure the Vlans on it and use the IGRP protocol for routing between the two Vlans. It would be a lot easier and simpler, unless you can afford buying a Cisco router.

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hey sorrow!

i just found a copy of it at the bay. it looks really good so far - is there any way of adding the devices that i have in particular or is it limited to what is given? I got myself a 3550-48 switch and a 2950-24 of which i want to focus on the 3550.

I saw that you can also export the configs - its a long short but ill ask anyway - is it possible to import these to the physical switch? if so, how would i go about doing so? Im still trying to get my head around igrp and rip, not having much luck :( i've erased configs like 100 times lol

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