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Feature Request: Show Ssid Victim Thinks They're Connecting To

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In the old versions of karama (at least on my old fon based pineapple), I was able to see what SSID the victim thought they were connecting to. With the MK3, I don't see that option. Is that something that might be able to be added in the future?

Also, I'll second the request to have timestamping in the on screen logs.

Thanks. Loving this thing so far!

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There is a way to see the SSID, in the Karma Logs.

It's on the web GUI also.

Huge DUH moment here! It's right there in front of my face!! My problem was that the ssid that the test machine was connecting to was called "internet" and I just overlooked the generic term in the log. DUh duh duh. Thanks for the gentle nudge in the right direction.

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