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Funny ass peice of spam i got emailed to me...


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Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Daniel lakele Zuma,a relative to former vice president Jacob

Zuma of South Africa. I got your email address from the web directory so I

decided to contact you.

I am interested in diverting some funds currently floating in the foreign

suspense account of the federal pay office to your account as soon as


Source of the funds are:

During the South Africa arms deal with French arms manufacturer, Thales,

involvling Jacob Zuma and his adviser, Schabir Shaik, government’s officials

awarded contracts to their own companies, these contracts were grossly over

invoiced. Now the present government set up review panel to investigate the

contract. My cousin (Jacob Zuma) and I lodged a huge amount totaling US$120m

(One hundred and Twenty million us dollars) in a bank in Europe.

I will want US$43.8m (Forty-three million & Eight Hundred Thousand) united

states dollars out of this money oversea transferred to your account because

I'm not eligible to operate foreign account because of the present political

situation involving my cousin Jacob Zuma, and I am searching for a partner

abroad. I really want this transfer made as soon as possible before the

government, who have started refunding money from our foreign accounts track

this money. I will be offering 30% for your assistance.

If you would want to proceed with this transaction please reply with your

full name and telephone number to (lakelezum@aol.com) and if you do not

accept my offer please treat with utmost confidentiality.

For more information check and browse carefully all the links in the

website below.


Best Regards,

Daniel Lakele Zuma.

What kind of a nub would fall for that. Also, who the fuck had the bright idea to do another south african prince thing, after the old one got so much bad publicity?

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i get these all too often... and when will they learn i dont want any damn cialis!!!

I know a girl who has a set of J's (yes J as in Jupiter) and she can never deside if Breast or Pienis enlargemnt is more offencive.

I wish the providers would go after some of the isp's the spam is coming from a lot of it seems to be coming from over sees in fact a lot of it comes from caili and florida. I get so much spam I wasnt to screeam at times.

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