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Help! I Think I Might Have Bricked My Mkiii

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Mr-protocol : what is the best method for starting up mk3 ?

I meant when open the pcc by default all modules are disable.

My first step : enable airmon at left hand corner

2nd step : enable karma

3rd step : enable url-snarf

4th step : enable ngrep

Is this the correct step for starting up MK3 for the first time ?

If yes, why when i enable karma (2nd step) airmon suddenly disable ? Is it normal ?


Theres no need to enable airmon-ng on the pineapple. It is currently broken. See my post on the subject for details (if you want to know waaaaay too much about it...). Here is the link: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=24637&st=0&p=191926&fromsearch=1entry191926

Seb (the firmware dev for the mark3) says he is working on a solution for the next release. Hopefully this will be full of awesomeness. We're all rooting for you Seb!


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