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Webif Ipk Latest?


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Looking for some packages for X-WRT.

looking at this site:


and found this:


but need this:


webif seems to have disappeared.

What options does one have in getting the webif portion of X-WRT working on a FON 2100 A/B/C. Is there a prepackaged download somewhere(for harsel and webif)? Or would you need to compile it with busybox and mips cross compiler?

btw under snapshots on that site, there is no package for mips.ipk webif, I do see atheros.ipk webif.

Can one rename the control file inside the ipk from atheros to mips to make it work with latest webif?

If so, why is there a reference to uhttpd?

ultimately, I am trying to run the following firmware on the FON 2100.

Jasager firmware 1.0 (MD5 56c396772f04e96369422fd9139ee8ee)

I did try the firmware 1.9, but for some reason it is not stable on the FON 2100 (url snarf problems, reset problems, running sluggish, etc..). Ideally I would run that version since I heard that is the most stable, and has that sweet interface.

Any help appreciated.


Noob in training.

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harsel and webif should be on the openwrt for the version that is on digininja's site for firmware. You can always do this the ssh way though instead of using the gui. If you flash with digininja's firmware for the fon2100 you really don't need the webif installed. You have to connect to the pineapple with a browser on the correct port (can't remember what it is off hand, been a while since fon 2100 pineapple.).

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