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U3id How To Read It And Change It


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Dear all,

I am new to this forum but I think this forum is the best resource for all U3 hacking related items.

My problem is the following.

I have an U3 Sandisk USB Stick that contains a license of a piece of Engineering Software.

This type of license is called Olicense (see http://www.olicense.de/) which is coupled to the U3ID of this U3 Sticks CDROM.

I'd like to emulate it, so I don't have to carry the USB Stick with me all the times (As these are worth about €5000,-

and look like a normal USB Stick for stealers).

Does anybody know if there is a way to emulate a U3 Stick (So both CDROM and Storage Media) or have an idea to copy this to

another similar U3 Stick and changed that's U3ID.

By the way the U3ID is the Harware ID for U3 on the CDROM part of the U3 stick.

Whould it for instace be possible to raw copy one U3 Stick to another?

Is the U3ID a hardware coupled ID or is it a piece of the CDROM ISO?

Thanks in advance for all your information and help.

Kind regards,


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