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Your favorite concert?


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I was at a disturbed live concert yesterday. It rocked :-D

Though it's not my favorite one. The best concert ever was Clawfinger.

We were standing in front of the band, shaked hands, chatted (with facial expressions ;-), I got a pick and one of the guys even had a Quake 4 t-shirt.

What is your favorite one?

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Probably Hall and Oates in 85'.

I worked it as a stage hand, so I got to hang out on the side of the stage during the opening act, Till Tuesday, and then at the mixing island during H&O's set.

Then after the show, we broke down all the sound and lights, and slept in a car in the parking lot, and broke down the stage the next morning.

It was an outside show in Manchester NH.

good times.

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My best concert ever still has to be The Dillinger Escape Plan back in march, 2005.

Through sheer chance I'd seen their clip for Panasonic Youth on TV once and was blown away. When I found they were coming here for a concert, I tried to get my regular concert buddies to tag along. None of them wanted to, as they really disliked their music :P. So this became my first ever concert that I simply went to on my own.

Opening band was a dutch band called Textures that I'd never ever heard before. Those guys tore me a new one. Truly magnificent, technical metal. Normally when I really like a band I see live I wait until the concert is over, then go to their merch stand and grab the CD. This is because you don't normally want to get anywhere near a pit (and there was one *HELL* of a pit going on here already) with anything that large or with sharp points on it. But I loved these guys so much I'd rather risk injury there than their CD being sold out after the concert.

30-45 minutes later the stage was rebuilt for DEP, and as I was waiting in the venue for them to finish this, I noticed a lot of fraternity-type assholes elbowing their way forward. Everybody pretty much let them, clearly thinking "just you wait. You obviously have *NO* idea what's coming"... And indeed they didn't... DEP except for the singer came on stage, and started playing some catchy jazzy tune. Crowd started moving a bit to the funky rythm, then the singer jumped on stage and they broke into Panasonic Youth. The only word to describe the crowd at that point is 'pandemonium'. Instant pit all the way back to the PA. And fraternity types getting their ass pounded as they scurried for the sides. I laughed my balls off.

Rest of the concert was just awesome start to finish. Incredibly energetic, and decidedly weird musically. Very technical, very precise and very intense. Those guys give one *HELL* of a show, I can assure you.

Once the concert was over I bought their CD aswell (I don't buy CDs in the store anymore. Only at live shows). Been a massive fan since, but they unfortunately don't travel to .nl very often. Textures on the other hand got me as a big fan aswell, and I've gone to see them on numerous occasions. Their last CD, Drawing Circles, is a lot like Meshuggah in the sense that it's the same, complex kind of weird music, and a demonstration of technical ability far beyond what you normally encounter during a metal show.

Second-best was probably The Old Dead Tree at the Summer Darkness festival in 2005. They had a *TON* of technical difficulties and mishaps during their show, and still managed to pull off a very cool show. The emotion they'd put into their (at that time) current CD, The Nameless Disease was just phenomenal. They wrote the majority of the songs after their drummer had committed suicide, and poured all that sorrow and pain into some stunningly powerful songs. By far the best show of the entire festival, dispite it being only the late-afternoon show of the 2nd day (out of 3). Their new CD, The Perpetual Motion, can't reach the level of that first masterpiece, but that's not particularly surprising. Still good stuff though.

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Tool live has always been cool. I've been to a few amazing raves as well, the best one being in a office block somewhere in london. Nothing like dancing on a roof at sunrise while riot police are storming the building 5 floors down.

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O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) ftw. I've seen them three times so far and this October I'll be seeing them again for the fourth. Always a great show. One of the only bands that can put rock, jazz, r and b, reggae and pop together and actually sound great. Astounding, rhythmic guitar riffs, belting saxophone solos and a drummer that could make anyone move to the beat. I'd highly suggest them to anyone looking for a great, jam band.

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Oh, lest I forget. For sheer showmanship, you can't beat GWAR.

Saw them live late summer last year. They almost continually spray 'blood' and 'bile' (red and green colored water) into the crowd. Before the concert I wondered why the white shits seemed to be so popular... :P

When the show was over, everybody present was a total mess. I looked like I had just slaughtered a busload of nuns using a wooden spoon. It was fun! :twisted:

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I don't have a favorite but the best 3 i will never forget are Tool, Smashing Pumpkins and Wintersleep.

Wintersleep i'm getting to go see for the 5th time next month.

Hopefully i will get to add Radiohead to my list, they are supose to tour north america next year.

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I have always wanted to goto my favorite band, Rammsteins concerts.

Anyone gone to one?

They headlined Fields Of Rock, like, 2 years ago.

It was a decent show, but they stopped 15 minutes short of what was advertised, which really pisses me off.

The pyrotechnics were pretty cool though, and they played a damned tight set. But I still wonder if I would go and see them again if they were to come by. Their shows are so expensive that you're better off seeing them at festivals.

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