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*@gawab.com & *@mail.ru temp banned


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Today we salute you, Mr. Online Forum Moderator. (Mr. Online Forum Moderator)

Anybody can type on a computer in his mother's basement but it takes a real genius to be crowned king of the pigs. (OINK!)

Perched behind your keyboard you tirelessly churn out warnings, mete out punishment and regale us with your grandfather's diary. (You're lookin' at two weeks, fella!)

Moderator panel? You don't need no stinking moderator panel. (No!)

And even though you've never had groupies, you have bagged the occasional fearful flyer. (Hold my hand!)

So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light, moderator guy, because every forum you go to, you're the real deal. (Mr. Online Forum Moderator)

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