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Toshiba A85 S107


Should I buy it?  

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    • Get him to come down in price

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I finally think i found a laptop!

Toshiba A85 S107 1.8Ghz, 512 RAM, 40GB HD

The person wants 300 US for it but he said he would take 200 if someomne would just say they woyuld take it.

He still has the origonal packaging and the recovery disks (it is loaded w/ XP)

What do you guys think?

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I've tinkered with Toshibas before and didn't mind them at all. First thing to consider though: does it have built-in wireless? If not then you're obviously going to need a solid wifi card and that will cost about 50-100 dollars for a half-way decent one. I recomend the Orinico Gold.

First thing you will want to do with that particular lappy though, install more ram. If you've got the money, I'd throw 2gb in there as soon as you have you hands on it. 512 is ok for normal, low resource using tasks but anything with photoshop or any video games and you're pushing the laptop quite hard.

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yeah its got bulit in wirless and 10/100

he is giving me 4 prety good games controler and carry case w/ it

my main intent w/ the lappy is not gaming but he said it ran the games fine

he is cleaning all his donkey porn off it to nigh (his workds not mine :P )

I get it tomorrow b4 school :)

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