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Hacktips are just little tips here and there. Not always about wifi stuff. Also, if you've been following the show for a long enough time, you will see, many topics kind of just go by the wayside and come back to later on, depending on events of the year, like conferences, interviews lined up, personal lives, etc. Its pretty free form and loose, and topics jump all over the place, which is one of the reasons people continue to watch. Starts to get stale with the same old that every other podcast or web IPTV show is already covering or have covered.

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I've been following the show for over a year now, don't worry the wandering doesn't bother me. It actually helps keep from boring me too much, even something interesting gets old after several hours at a go. I watch the show for the guys (and gal) just as much as I do for the info.

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