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[code] Silent File Runner


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Hi guys,

I was playing around with a bash script called Vanish (HERE) which uses Metasploit to create an undetectable reverse shell.

I tried on my windows laptop and sure enough, my AV didn't pick it up and it worked perfectly, spawning a meterpreter session on my backtrack machine. However, the program required an open DOS window (ie, it didn't run silently...) So I looked around and eventually wrote and fairly long batch script to run any file silently. It works from the startup directory, so I figured I just need to copy this script and any file named "syschck.exe" over via SMB to the targets computer and get them to restart.

So, here it is: MEDIAFIRE. It's in TXT format, so you'll need to rename it if you want to run it.

Please tell what you think, if you've been following the USB Rubber Ducky development, you'll see I used a similar trick to the reverse shell payload found on the wiki.

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