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Mobo Problem?


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I got a computer that was "killed" in a storm. Surge or something, I dunno. I instantly thought the reason it wasn't turning on was a shot PSU. I was correct. When I put in a new PSU, all of the fans, optical drives, and leds go active. However, there is nothing booted on the screen. Could the BIOS have ben wiped?

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Don't know what 'cut and gut' means, but start with mobo, 1 stick of (cheap, small) RAM and the CPU. Turn it on and wait for the 3 tell-tale beeps from the MoBo that the vid card couldn't be initialised (might be an Award BIOS thing though). If that works, add the vid card and see if it POSTs. If so, add more and more hardware until you found the part that keels it all over.

Personally, I've got my money on the CPU. Had something kind of similar and that resulted in a system that reacted pretty much the same way.

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