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What Email Client Do You Use


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What email client are you guys using? I use gmail but my parents have an email account that you have to use a client with. The account gets a large amount of spam. Right now I have thunderbird set up but i'm looking for ideas on the email spam. Needs to be able to run on a windows computer.

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For a GUI Client I would use Thunderbird, where I have the choice. Where people don't have a choice it tends to be Outlook that they have to use.

If you are wanting a client you can use from the command line then Mutt and Pine are good established ones.

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Set email account to forward to gmail, use gmail (still allows for use with a client).

Boris has the right idea. If you configure Gmail to retrieve their existing email from whatever provider they have to / want to use (possible through Gmails web setting UI). You'll get the benefits of Gmail filtering, then configure Thunderbird to send-as the original email address and that should make the Gmail layer transparent. At this point Thunderbird will work just fine and you'll get the Spam filtering you need.

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