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Rainbox Tables / Key


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Hello All.

I have a couple questions. A few weeks ago I bought ALFA USB WiFi AWUS036H and love it. After watching the dvd that came with it i Went online and notice hak5 had a old show that talked about rainbox tables. Here are my questions. I'm doing all my testing on my own network.

1. Are there good rainbox tables that have symblos, and different charators in them I could download?

2. When downloading files for backtrack password list how would you know which file to download if the wifi connection is showing something like "My Place" as a wifi connection?

3. if my password has symblos and different charators would I have to build a file or is there file already built? Example of a password @@99!testing@@=()*&

Sorry if I'm not making sense but this is all new to me and I'm very excited to be learning this.


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