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breaking content barrier passwords


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my mom installed Content Barrier X4 on my computer. i need something to get around it or crack the password

I am on a 2 ghz macbook

Edit: To avoid all flaming i did google it to no avail and this program is only used on my home network i need the go around for hacking stuffus

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Because this is a specific program that I'm not familar with, I don't know of anyway to bypass it. However, you could continue to look around google with different phrases to find what you're looking for. Hint: Cracking, crack, bypassing, removing, brute forcing.

Also, if your mom sometimes uses the comp, install a keyloger to catch her password for disabling the program. Or better yet, pull some social engineering on her. ie call her up while she's at work, tell her that you can't work on a project for school because the program is blocking the sites you need to see and ask for the password.

Lot of work just to look at dirty sites eh?

Sad Teddy bear: (Taken from Content Barrier's site, I found it quite humorious)


Maybe the program stores the passwords in a hash and thus could be cracked like LM passwords in windows? Could be an interesting project for you. Good luck, do lots of research. We can't tell you directly how to do it but, you can certainly figure out how too on your own, just takes time and effort - Great way to learn something new and intersting.

I'm sure Sparda will be along shortly to provide a few more suggestions.

Edit: I just read that a proxy app could bypass the software. Give that a shot if you wish.

And apparently proxy server software can bypass this app, so it keeps honest people honest, however…

Original Article: http://www.maccompanion.com/archives/Augus...curitySuite.htm

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it looks like something that you install onto a mac to filter sites with certain keyword and certain domain names.

few things i can think of.

---getting root password, a little bit of a bitch.

---getting firefox. If this is just a web browser plugin then getting a hold of firefox or any other browser will work. I have no idea whether it simply drops packets from certain ips. I don't think it's that sophisticated.

---liveCD. I have no idea about linux on the mac. I'm pretty sure though that bootcamp would require root. I don't know if they can just use the native efi and not have to worry about bootcamp or bothering with any of that, just a thought given that there was linux on the mac before bootcamp.

All that net nanny software shits me so bad though. It blocks half the web and is an annoying shitty pain in the arse.

Wait. I just realised. It's YOUR laptop.

backup your data and reinstall OSX. I'm guessing you're a bit of a newbie so mabey that'll be a bit hard. But that is kinda screwed up. It's your laptop and you don't even have root.

Just tell your perants you think you need to have that talk. "hey mum; dad. There comes a time in every young man's life when he's grown up, he's used to the command line, and he should be given root on his own laptop"

/me just thought of an amazing skit

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well i do have root access, and im not that nooby, i have tryed killing it at the root level, but it is very hard to google because she has the hacking filter on.. for some reason this site isnt blocked

Edit: Where Would i obtain such a keylogger?

could sum1 point me in the right directions

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im confused you say you have root access, so whats the problem? locate the programs name and kill it, simple. I have never used/heard of this program before, but i assume its a filter system, the easyest way around this would be to use a proxy. And if you cant find a proxy server that works for you, just get a friend to set one up on his box for you and tunnel all your data through his computer, that way you can filter out the "bad" content before it even reach's the filtering program. Which means if you filter the bad content out before hand the filtering system wont know it ever contained anything and let it pass. (This also works on school networks, so if you want to browse "hacking" sites at school just use a proxy).

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