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[Question] New Red Ducky?

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Soon after Derbycon we ran out of the first small run of ducks. It took so time to get them back in the shop as we switched from a board house on the East coast to one here in the bay area. Since they were going to a new house we did some minor revision work to the board layout - namely switching SD card slot and moving the button from one side to the other. Also Red PCB just because it looks sexy. Functionally the first ducks and these, let's say, 1.1 versions are identical.

As for the shop and wiki, I removed mention of the firmware and cross-platform because as we've learned version 1.0 of the firmware wasn't Mac & Linux compatible. This is being addressed with version 2.0 which is a complete rewrite. At that time we'll have source available. I have had and still have every intention of making this open source, but unfortunately licensing terms related to the version 1.0 firmware have prevented us from doing so.

My deepest apologies for any confusion this has created and the new firmware delay. Turns out switching from ascii to unicode isn't as simple as it sounds. I'll update the shop and wiki to explain this -- I just didn't want to advertise open source until source is truly available.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

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I like that MicroSD slot alot more than the original design.


I found it very frustrating trying to remove the MicroSD without damaging the board..

I went as far at to hit up Digikey and try to visually determine which Amphenol Micro-SD slot they used, so I could better understand the mechanism.

See Here -> 114-00841-68

The V1.0 board has the style with the little door you slide and it flips open...

The V1.1 board is a "Push/Pull" style MicroSD slot... Hopefully the slot will loosen up over time, but I almost broke the board trying to get mine to come out. (Try grabbing it by the sides with your fingernails and work it left and right while you pull if yours is stuck like mine was.)

Really, I think that a "Push/Push" slot would be even better, but I doubt you could find one to fit. WAIT.. :-) Part# ST10S008V4AR1800

That should do the trick.... :-)


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