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Unable To Set Up Internet Sharing ...dns Allocation Problems?


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Unable to set up internet sharing ...DNS allocation problems?

I am having trouble setting up internet sharing in certain environments.

As i understand it when in a windows internet sharing environment.Pineapple's DHCP server allocates 2 DNS servers (I understand why this is here) & (OpenDNS??) to the clients (And it works fine in most of the networks) But on certain networks i have to manually add another DNS server (internet) for the internet to work.

Should the Clients get that third DNS entry automatically? or should the internet access still work without it?

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I already have as the preferred DNS on the adapter connected to Pineapple.

Hope this makes it clearer as to what i am trying to say.

The clients on pineapple get the IP's (172.16.42.x), subnet mask ( Router/Gateway ( & 2 DNS Server addresses (, but there is no internet.

However when i add the dns server (the same as whats on the adapter through which i get internet) on the CLIENT machine there is internet access.

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