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Radar Jammer


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I work with K-BAND radar on a daily basis. The way we test these is with tuning forks. Doppler radar works by sending out sin waves and waiting for them to bounce back to it. The forks mimic the sin waves bouncing off a moving metal object like a car. The forks I have at my disposal (hundreds of them...) are for 33.3mph and 40.3mph. We use them to ensure the accuracy of the radars. If you want a cheap solution, get one of these tuning forks attached to the hood of your car and rig up something to hit it with, such as a long metal pole. I'm kidding of course.

The trouble with the k-bands, and why the cops don't use them much anymore, is the fact that they will trigger off any moving object - such as rain, brush or trees blowing the wind, snow, etc...there have been a number of court cases where people dispute the radars ability to distinguish cars from rain/trees...trouble with that is rain falls at roughly 9mph - not 100+! But a tree snapping back into place after being blown a certain direction by a powerful wind could move pretty quick...

More than you ever wanted to know about radars I'm sure...


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Yep, just go to your kitchen, bring a hammer, bash your microwave door out, then mount the thing on your bumper facing backwards. Next you'll need a big inverter. When a cop starts following you, just kick that sucker on and nuke the radar gun :-D No, in all seriousness I do know that my state has gone to mostly Lidar, its also harder to question lidar because it was a laser pointed directly at your car, not a radar which could've picked up the car next to you.. Now, to interfere with Lidar... I would imagine all you'd have to do is find the wavelength that lidar uses and emit a lot of that wavelength... simple overload of the sensor should do the trick.

Also this is all in fun, do NOT ever operate a microwave open, the first thing it will do is take out your eyesight as your eyes resonate near microwave frequencies.. Then life starts to really suck.

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I'm very happy about Lidar, because it's easy to jam with the right gear.

I've actually got the ZR4 Shifter Barry linked to (smart-wired to my Escort 9500ix), but I only use it for detection anymore because I've installed a Laser Interceptor HP Quad to handle the real dirty work.

The ZR4 isn't all that great, and the punch through rate is far too high for what it costs. It does work, but....meh. when you spend that kind of bread, you should expect it to do the job. It does...barely, and not good enough for me. ;) It does integrate really nicely with the 9500ix though, so it's got that going for it.

The Laser Interceptor Quad, however, is nothing short of amazing, and there is NO punch through with a properly installed system. I get FULL Jam-to-Gun and FULL Jam-from-Gun at all speeds. It's absolutely brilliant.

It's great fun to watch cops scratch their heads as you drive by. The trick with *real* laser jamming is to jam only until you've reduced your speed to legal limit, then turn the jammer off.

I love it, and it's 100% worth the investment if you tend to "push the limits" occasionally....or more often ;)

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You can absorb it and not return the signal Also like to point out that Mythbusters have a lot of lies in their show. They wont tell you how to block the gun or admit it can be blocked they are buddy buddy with the local law so they play nice. But yes there is away to make a zero reading and its not blocking which is illegal to do but aborbing is perfectly legal. The radar gun operate in about 5Ghz-50Ghz a Laser/Lidar is about 33Ghz also remember Laser can be deflected or you can use anti radar paint on the front of your car.

But research Lidar absorber.

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