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a collection of scripts that were either copied or hand made/tuned.

v1 - comes with a fancy menu!

some of the scripts in here

  • onlive
  • save list of download cache
  • mp3 player (running in background) (mplayer)
  • text message stealer (androids with aosp)
  • more planned...

now, you may wonder, "this is useless! you script kiddie n00b!" yes, i know this is crap.

what i am really excited about is the text messege stealer. this involves pulling mmssms.db

using adb from a device running an aosp rom. this is then saved and decoded using sqlite3.exe

and saved as a csv in the form of a txt. pretty elegant, but needs some small improvements.

if you think you can make it better or if it doesn't work for you, please pm me or email me.

lastly, if you want to see your own "kiddie scripts" in here, send me a pm. if you want to help

make the overall package better, also pm me. if you think this is utter crap and want to send me

hate messages and death threats, also pm me...

v1 - initial release

download here

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