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Expand The Wifi Reach Of Your Zipit Z2


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I ripped apart my zipit and added a SMA connector for adding higher db gain antenna. You can checkout my (albeit weak) how-to that has pictures here: http://telot.org/zipitwifi.html

Heres the quick version: remove the screen, remove the keyboard - take out the old wifi antenna, connect new MMCX connector and run it outside the case somehow (I cut out a little chunk of plastic on the back of it) and attach whatever type of SMA connector to the other end.


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A bit off topic , but would I be right in saying the Z2 has a USB port and SDCARD of some sort and does anyone know where to obtain such a device at a reasonable price in the UK?

No USB port - but you can hack a serial port of sorts to it. The SDcard is a mini SD card (somewhat hard to find these days). There are a number of great distros for it already - I personally use Irongeeks SideTrack (a stripped down version of backtrack). I'm guessing you'll have to go online to buy one in the UK, they used to sell them at Target in the US, but I don't know if they still do or not...

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