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How To Patch Karma?


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Hi everybody.

I have an Alfa AP51 laying around and yesterday I decided to make it an Pineapple Mark III.

Found Darren's post at http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=23509

I followed it and have now done everything except patching karma... This might be a n00bie question but I really don't understand wich packet to use, first I thought it was the Hostapd, but can I really start compiling stuff on my AP51? Sounds weird to me, but maybe it isn't.

Can someone please give me a hint or to on how to do it? =)

Thanks from a big pineapple fan

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Please flash my firmware (1.9)

You can find it on wifipineapple.com

It has the newest updates and fixes.

That way you do not have to patch karma, update packages and apply all those many fixes I did.

I will be releasing updates for it regularly.



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