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crashes reason unknown :(


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ok so ive got my sweet 64 bit system

running a 64 bit version of xp pro

but recently it started to crash and i dont mean bsod ing

seriously crash everything stops sound skips a few secs (as if playing a severely damaged cd) and it reboots , ....

i didnt used to have any probs with the pc yet its getting really bad l8ely.

i have no clue wot to do :(

no sign of malware , virii , trojans , ..

ive checked teh connections , cleaned out the dustbunny's ,....

im desperate :( if this keeps happening ill prolly smash the thing and blow it up or set it on fire :( )

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not much .... , @ that point ff , xfire , steam (but no game) , media player ,photoshop 7 .

and the hardware : i have a radion x1800xt (512mb) and processor AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+

sucking of the 550w power supply

so personally i doubt it ...

also i have a usage meter on my power supply and it never been past the middle "ever"

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