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Weekend Projects?


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The weekend rolls around; once again, and you're thinking of something to do? maybe you'll go out and socialise? Hey, we all love doing that sometimes. Alcohol is a _VERY_ important factor of Life.

But you need something to do when you're SOBER, when you're not emptying your wallet for that last shot of Vodka, or that last pint of beer.


I'm going to have a go at getting a Bash shell on my Belkin F5D72314 Wireless 802.11g Router, should be fun. I'll keep you all posted.

What are you lot doing? :pirate:



Here's a little overview of how I came about this idea.

Well, as every _curious_ person does; they like to know things, so I got bored today and decided to scan my router (Not very exciting, but bleh) I originally just started with a simple scan, I just wanted to see what was open; and to no avail, only port "80" was open; which wasn't much use to me! I then decided to try a more 'interesting' scan which was:

nmap -sV -O

And it showed me that the router was running the following: (C&P'd from my command prompt)


80/tcp open http micro_httpd

MAC Address: 00:11:50:3C:C9:7E (Belkin)

Device type: general purpose

Running: Linux 2.4.X|2.5.X

OS details: Linux 2.4.0 - 2.5.20

So I thought yeah, that's all good 'n' everything, then I decided that I wanted a Bash shell... So, after a bit of googling, I came across a hack that was for a Belkin F5D7230 router, which isn't the version I'm running. So, that's not good. But I'm pretty sure I'll get something done by monday morning. I'll keep you lot posted.

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I'll be working for part of my weekend and the other portion will be spent doing homework, cooking food and sitting my couch with my laptop, a beer, chips and watching the game with my roommate and whomever decides to come over as well.

What will I be doing on my laptop you ask? Probably running netstumbler and figuring out who's left "Admin:blank" for their router's admin access.

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I'm in the process of constructing a table. As I've never even handled any powertool outside of a drill, it's proving more troublesome than I imagined.

The end result of this particular excersize is probably the acceptance of the fact that _buying_ a table is probably cheaper, and most certainly faster and easier. Not sure about the 'cheap' part because this table had to be 1 meter high, and they don't usually make those at places like Ikea. Regardless, it's starting to take shape, and looking mighty fine.

Unfortunately I only had today to work on it as tomorrow I'm out for birthday celebrations.

A shame, as I also have this crazy idea of covering up a rather drab looking wall by placing come colored cotton over it. An earlier attempt to do this didn't work out as planned.

And for the more occasional time-outs, I'm planning on trying a replicating DB2 install on 2 VMWare instances, and try my hand at subbing ep 2. See how much work is involved in that.

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Quick update on the subs as I'm calling it a night, here's the first 2.5 minutes of 2x02 subbed: http://comicnut.speedxs.nl/hak5--2x02--xvid.srt

It's proving a bit tedious as I'm now doing it the most manual way possible: I'm playing the thing back, and literally _guessing_ the times.

What I should be doing is extracting the sound, then play it back with Audacity that will probably provide me with WAY better timing info, and get this thing going a little faster. That's on the boards next. :)

So, yes, I'm going to do this full episode. Even if you can make out what they're saying, please give this thing a spin and see if it works, if the lines aren't too long or shown too briefly, that sort of thing.

It should be enough to just place this file next to the movie you downloaded. Most players automatically include the subs in the movie when the filename of the subfile matches that of the movie (well, sans the extension of course).

To keep this thread clean, please PM any successes or failures. I'll probably won't respond to them unless it's an issue that needs resolving, but it would be nice to get a little feedback on this.

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