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Make A Linux Application


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What I want to do is make a linux program/application that can run command line prompts from a gui window. For example let's say have a window with two button one to start and stop monitor mode. My question is what programing language would I want to do something like this in?

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I know C++ and have worked a fair amount of shell scripts. I've played with python and visual basic some. I'm not opposed to learning something new I just needing some ideas of where to get started with something like this. Shell scripts are nice but i want do see if I can make myself something with a gui.

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Well you have two choices c++ or python, i wouldn't use visual basic. As for the GUI aspect of the application you could use something like Qt (python and c++ can both use this framework)







that should be enough to get you started.

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You may want to look at a linux application called gmrun. It's a small thing that does pretty much what you are interested in. It's written in C++ and uses GTK for its gui displays. It's only about 2000 lines long. Depending on if you want to make your app open or not, you could just take their C++ code and build on it. Behold the glory of open source!

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