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Web Server Question

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I loaded up the web server on the Pineapple Mark 2 and have a custom page that all url request are forwarded to. Is their a way to just have that request affect a user once and then the next URL they put in pass them out to the internet. Doing this would give the illusion to the user that nothing is wrong.


User connects to pineapple, request a page in their browser --> returns my custom page on the pineapple --> User request another page or refreshes --> pineapple passes through request to internet and returns that page to them

Any ideas how to do this? I am not much of a programmer.

Any help would be appreciated


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Update: Found a some leads but having trouble getting them installed correctly. I tried nocatsplash but the wouldn't work with this version of Openwrt and the project is no longer in active development. From there I tied nodogsplash which was suppose to take it over. I keep getting an error "Packages for nodogsplash found, but incompatible with the architectures configured". I have tried both the mark 2 and mark 3 with now luck.

Questions I have:

On the Mark 3 it runs on Backfire but do I look for the packages under atheros or avr32?

Any other people have captive portals that work on the Mark 2 or Mark 3?

New Update: Mark 3 got nodogspash to install by adding these to the opkg.conf

src /packages http://downloads.openwrt.org/backfire/10.03.1-rc4/avr32/packages/

arch all 1

arch acr32 10

But then run into my next problem when I try to start the service:

" Starting nodogsplash ...

Testing module ipt_mac

Module ipt_mac needed

Scanning disk for ipt_mac module

ipt_mac module missing: please install it"

Isn't the ipt_mac module part of iptables 1.4.6-2?

I was going to reinstall it but will that mess up anything pre-configured on the Mark3

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