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Wifi Pineapple Mark 3 Help

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I got my wifi pineapple mark 3 like a week ago and set it up for internet sharing in windows and then accessed I then enabled karma it opened up to or something like that can't remember exactly, well anyways I got a cannot connect. After that I have been unable to access

Now I have been trying to ssh into the pineapple using winscp I set host name: and user name: root and Password: pineapplesareyummy I get a connection refused

Well I am wondering if someone can help me ssh into the pineapple so I can reflash it or if there is another way to fix my problem

I am a noob and would really appreciate the help thanks

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Using winscp or ssh to get into is wrong. the *.42 should be you (or the gateway).

The pineapple will always be on

Try SSHing into the pineapple first on that IP and see if that works. Maybe something got messed up somehow.



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Your pineapple lives at The is the recommended address for your computer. Set a static IP as with a netmask of and you should be able to ping no problem. Then SSH to with the username root and password pineapplesareyummy. You should also see something at

Let us know what you find.

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