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Ssh Into Mk3

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ok im a super noob to the wifi pineapple and the walk through that im reading on dns spoofing looks to be for those that are vet's to this is there any tut out there that explains how to ssh into the MK3 or can some one explain it here


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ok try to make this simple is there a better step by step guide out there that you can point me to so that i dont have to keep asking these dumb questions lol ..... this guy + jasager = super noob....;,<,,,,,

If its the basics you need, there is alot of great examples on how to use the different tools on the mk3, if you search for Them on youtube and Google, i know that your setup might differ from thoose vidios, but if you just get an understanding on how the tools work, you should be able to use your new knollege on your mk3 ;)

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