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audio problems


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alright, my speakers on my computer used to be really loud, but since i reinstalled xp, they just wont go anywhere near the same volume. i have looked in the sound and audio device settings, and everything is up full. ive downloaded the latest drivers, nothing works. wtf?

its a intel 82801ba/bam ac'97 audio controller.

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There are alot of volume values that are hidden by default and if you are unlucky one of the ones affecting the final output is hidden. In general the only ones you need to check the levels for are "Play Control" and "Wave" but you may have another one even though it's unlikely. More likely is that you partially kicked out the speaker cord or something like that.

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Isn't it the case that the 'regular' volume control (err... the one that's usually in the systray) is always at half volume on install?

Check there, check Wave Out/Mix Out/Stereo Mix/etc and make sure they're all up. Also try in control panel, your audio device may have 'speaker volume settings' hidden away in there :)

Make sure the speakers are connected properly and the volume in your audio player is sufficiently loud.

Some AC'97 cards come with a mixer application, it's possible that the graphic equaliser in this app was turned on before you reformatted which would also make everything sound quieter.

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