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Ngrep No Longer Capturing.


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IIRC it's in /www/pineapple, but it's been a few days since I was mucking about with it.

Look there, I'll confirm tonight and stop back here.

thank you for replying to my query hfam you are a legend

Using your post of www/pineapple I finally found it but let me tell you something I never even thought of looking in the www folder as I thought it would never be there because it is a program.

you saved me after days of searching now I can finally clean ngrep.sh log

thanks mate

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This is all good stuff, but I don't see how it relates to Ngrep or Ngrep not working?

Maybe a mod can strip it out (lol) and create a more appropriate thread title for these juicy bits of information.

You guys have hijacked the thread topic talking about SSLStrip, DSniff and Iptable routing.

It's all good information but how is anyone to find it when it's stuffed in a Ngrep not capturing thread?

If it's relevant then explain to me how, because I can't see it.


edit ---

@ itsm0ld - nice script thanks for the content! Great threads in your sig as well.

Edited by wcs
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