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Mkiii Stops Responding/locks Up After 10 Mins


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Hey all,

Everything seems to be working fine, except after about 10-15 minutes of running (I've got Karma, URL Snarf, and ngrep enabled), the MKIII stops responding.

I just notice that when looking at the web interface, it stops updating.

I'll then try to ping, I get nothing.

I then open PUTTY and try to connect to, it times out.

I then see that my client I've connected with cannot connect to anything.

I then notice that the web interface will no longer respond.

I have to literally pull the plug on it and power it back up.

It takes a few minutes to get back to where I can reconnect it with the web interface and all works fine again...for about 10-15 minutes.

Any ideas? Do I have faulty hardware? All the software seems to work fine until it stops responding, and works fine again when I power cycle the MKIII.

Thanks for any assistance.


I'm pretty sure this issue is due to the MK3 running out of storage resources when running "ngrep", maybe someone can confirm.

While logged into the MK3 via PuTTY (with a Droid "victimed" and having a browser open), I went into the /tmp directory and did an "ls -l". no ngrep.log or ngrep.pcap files yet, as it should be.

I then fired up ngrep using the web interface, went back to PuTTY and did an "ls -l" and sure enough, the ngrep.log and ngrep.pcap are there, and started out @ ~20,000 bytes.

I repeated the "ls -l" every 2-3 seconds, and watched both these files grow EXPONENTIALLY with each repeated listing.

After 20 seconds, both files were up to 622,602 and 633,995 respectively.

At that rate, surely the pineapple is going to choke in 10-15 minutes unless there's some way to slow it down, or figure out why there's so much data in there, which is why I suspect this is what's ultimately causing the lockups/reboots.

All I did on the droid was open a website which reuqires authentication. I didn't even refresh the site, but these files grew like crazy on the MK3 every ~2 seconds.

Anyone with any ideas? Does that seem like normal behavior? Am I doing something wrong? Is there something else wrong? Anyone? :)

Thanks for any help!

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