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what should I do with this 200mhz pos


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Are there any ways you can post without sounding like a prick?

Sorry to hear that you have come to this conclusion.

Perhaps its people like you that just bring the bad side of me out.

Must resist the temptation to flame, I apologiese to all regular members of the forum.

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I think people here are intolerant of ignorance and laziness. Which is a good thing to be, however people have varying ideas of what they consider to be either of these notions. I would've probably thought the same as stingwray but instead posted in a helpful manner, as I'm a soft touch.

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install openbsd and make it into a network router.

being a pos you will probably only be able to use the shell, cos gui will be too annoyingly slow.

learn to use pf for you firewall and you can even use it to learn c++ or whatever crap you want.

That's what i would do

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Everything I could think of which would be of any use have already been said :(

so here are some crazy idea's i just got of the top of my head.

[1] Install win95 and make for friends use it when they say "Can I check my e-mail/ogame/what ever)

[2] PLAY GTA1 ON IT.... that is an order. Do it, DO IT NOW.

[3] Doorstop

[4] Paperwieght

[5] Hamster Cage / Fish Tank (hmmmm thats an idea)

[6] A DMZ machine

[7] Coffee Table

[8] Alarm Clock

[9] Download Bot (whould need a sizeable Hard Drive thou)

[10] Run hotmail from it (M$ seem to do it ok)

Anyways have fun with your new machine.

(My 2nd post yay o/ )

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hehe, thanks for the welcome. Been watching the show for a while and thought... Stuff it, I miss a good forum, lets try this one :)

It would of been a bit of a longer sig but the evil 255 max char limit... BLAST YOU EVIL SERVER...

and yeah, i like your sig too.

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I personally would buy more memory for it if it can in fact handle more than 32mb. And use your imagination pick a job you dont have a computer doing yet and make that its job , you shouldnt try running windows on any computer it sux but on an old one forget about it , i use suse linux 10.1 but unless you already have swap space partitioned you need a minimum of 256mb of ram , i would have to agree that DSL is your best bet , but that runs slow on my xbox and the xbox is a celeron 733 mhz with 64mb of ram. I suggest not using a GUI and it should run nicely if you can handle no GUI. Spend a little get some memory but if it runs for god sakes keep it , cant get rid of a working computer just change its funtion in the system. I still have a p2 350 with 128mb ram runs suse 9.3 that is my home server i have had for 8 years or so call it SCRAPS because its been rebuilt out of so many different parts only the mobo/CPU are the same. sorry for the long post hope you get something out of it


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Stick a RouterBOARD 14 Four-Slot miniPCI Adapter and four Super Range 2 400mW 802.11b/g 2.4GHz MiniPCI cards in it and install RouterOS from the same company.

RouterOS Features

* Router

* Bandwidth Manager

* Firewall

* HotSpot Gateway

* VPN Server/Client

* Wireless AP/Router

* all in one box

* and much more!


* Firewall

* ISP backbone router

* HotSpot Gateway

* Dial-In Server

* Dial-Out Server

* Bandwidth shaper

* Traffic logger

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