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My Nes Mod!


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Ladies n Gents... I thought I would share this with you!

My NES mod :)


see http://www.sapphiresupport.co.uk/projects/ for all my other cool little projects / hacks / various other stuff

I look forward to any comments! :D

Enjoy :)

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Kudos for the pics! Did that myself in like 2005 (I think), but scratched it after the dog pulled it down from the tv-counter and I didn't have the energy to mod a nes-controller :/.

Thanks bud :)

Aww bad times! I sold mine in the end for a fairly good profit!

Mod the nes controller? no need, did you know you can use the original ports and controller and solder the original port to a parallel port and it will work with a PSX controller driver and a number of emulators! :D i did it to mine it was so cool! playing mario land on it with the original controller and ports it was really fun!


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