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haha, it finally happened!!!


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first of all, btw im darkzar99, just made a new account with my new username that I will now use.

But it FINALLY happened the other day at school. A friend of mine who uses a school issued laptop, was taking notes and all of a sudden Micro$oft WGA took over his computer. It said that his copy of windows was not valid and then the year (under date and time) changed to like 12395968 and the time started doing weird things. Next thing you know his computer just shut down. Now when he turns it on he can't log in because it says that his windows is counterfit and the time is not syncronized with the school server. He took it to the tech specialist and the tech guy was like "i dont know what this is, i think you have a virus or something, just come back some other time"

so this is one of the two things that i could not wait to happen at school with their laptops that they supposedly MAKE us use, not me though, still workin on what to say in that email. But that and the next thing i cant wait to see is someone's laptop explode, as long as nobody gets hurt....just the funny thing is that they will probably blame it on the student and make him/her pay for it.

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WGA is a virus on windows XP...

My 2 pence for WGA on Vista:

It's integrated in to vista, it dosn't stand out as been there (At least on build 5552), but I bet if it thinks your new supposed copy of Vista is not legal, you are boned. I tried to register (at first) with a leaked key, and all it said is "Buy a new one" dispite that been imposible since it hasn't been released yet. You do have to activate Vista, of course, in an aloted time space (14 days) and I have no idea what happens after thoughs 14 days. Most likly it's the same as XP.

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WGA complaining about your installation not being valid is one thing, what it doesn't do is make it behave like it has a virus from a movie. Actual viruses and dropping the laptop once to many may have that effect though.

However, a school using unlicensed copies of windows doesn't really surprise me and that is really what WGA is for I think. It's embarrasing to have that pop up on public machines and will give any organisation more than just a gentle nudge in the correct direction. For a private machine it is actually quite easy to get rid of or not install to begin with.

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I'm sure most people are currently able to find a student somewhere in their friendly clique. Many of you probably only need to look in the mirror.

Microsoft provide enormous discounts on MS software via schools. Get the stuff through there. Legit, and yet you won't be paying through the nose for it either.

Hell, I can get a full Office Pro 2003 for less than 30 bucks including shipping through work.

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