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Hello HAK5'ers!!!

I recently acquired my MK3 (Thanks Guys!!)

I got it up and running however, I experienced a few hiccups with it.

1) Wireless devices will connect to the Pineapple. However, urlsnarf and dnsspoof are not working.

* How do I know? I sshed into the unit and went through the log files. They are empty.....

* I have followed all instructions outlined for DNS SPoofing on wifipineapple but still no luck.

2) My Pineapple will sometimes reboots randomly....

Minor Concern ->

3) I noticed the Pineapple gets hot after a while, is this a known issue?

Anyways, I am going to dive into the code and start looking into why my DNS Spoofing isnt working as well as why URLSnarf is not showing any URLS...........

If anyone has a walk through on how to use the features from web &/or command line I would greatly appreciate it.

On a side note, Factory Defaults does not set everything back to factory settings. It would be nice if the conf files were posted online so I could transfer them to the pineapple.

Im gonna write some scripts down the line and will share them with everyone on HAK5. Cheers!

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Minor Concern ->

3) I noticed the Pineapple gets hot after a while, is this a known issue?

I left my pIII running for 6 hours yesterday and I noticed the same thing. I don't think it is of any real concern. Maybe it might be worthwhile looking at a heatsink mod?

I'm assuming you were using the AC adaptor?

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