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Help Hak5 beat G4

Darren Kitchen

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Hak5 is currently being listed on the Divx.com site as #6, under the dreaded G4 (the network that stole TechTV from us). What place do you think Hak5 should be in? Thankfully you can help. It's a simple signup, there's no software to download and install, and all you have to do is subscribe to Hak5.

Check it out at: http://stage6.divx.com/list_channels

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So one day a few years back my family bought a house on a lake, and got satellite tv for the house. It was the first time I had ever used satellite tv... while flipping through the channels I found this wonderful channel called TechTV. It was so wonderful I stayed up most of the weekend never fishing or swimming in the lake with the others, just watching this channel. It had some of the most entertaining, intresting, fun shows i had ever seen; it was like tech(discovery channel + history channel). It was perfect.

so several years later, (about 6 months ago now) I move and am currently in a house with satellite... the first thing I did was look for the techTV channel, well its not even listed on directTV here, its like hidden now. I found out they changed the name to G4, but thought it still might be ok, I watched for several days and saw the same 5 shows over and over.. a couple were ok, but nothing like i remembered. I visited the website for G4 and found out that most of the good shows I liked were no longer being aired there.... i cried (on the inside).

I say all of that to say that I pretty much HATE G4 now, they killed my hopes and dreams for TV. so Darren, Hak.5 community, I say I will help hak.5 beat G4 and then get hak5 to #1 then slowly get a sleu of other shows ahead of G4 until it falls to #whatnetwork? I SAY BLACKBALL G4, and make it known! i miss all the great content of techTV, screensavers, call for help, and so many more.

If you agree with me make yourself known.

btw: did you guys know that hak.5 is on wikipedia? i love wikipedia!

Edit: W00T, We ARE currently beating G4 by 1 to 2 votes!

Keep 'em comming!

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Wow guys we're tied with the "community forums" now. One more vote and we'll be #3. I guess next is to like, moderate the vids. I believe you get mod points. Ooh, and feel free to add me as your friend. This site is only in alpha right now (as you can tell by the connection... geeze Divx, invest in an OC3 ;-)

So when this thing does really get critical mass we'll be king which will pwn. The true power of the Hak5 Army (someone come up with something better please, and no, not hacklings) is being felt. :twisted: :ninja:

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why did somone have to start this...here goes my mini rant...i f^^^ing hate g4 with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns, and they should die and burn in hell for their regressions...i swear everytime my tv passes channel 124 that my iq drops 2 points...i'm going to be freaking terri shivo soon! they've replaced relevant news, and media with mindless chit chat about how big boobs can be...not that i don't enjoy an acasional boob, but please...and the fact that now they have taken all the 'tech' out of tech tv just angers me more than ne thing. I think there should be a suscide help line for those who waste their time watching this stupified channel. If i wanted to see zelda, or donkey cong, i'd bring out the old systems, but for now, i'm forced to use my bandwidth streaming every internet resouce that i can find that will supply me with some knowlege to relace the brain cells i lost watching g4. I feel bad for the few that have yet to experiance hak.5's wonderfull-ness...yes it's a real word b/c i say so, and u better back off, i'm on a role here... and for all the poor kids who's minds are being scrabled by the corprate blow offs on g4. I wish somone would just bomb their studio, or studio's'. grr...anger...and yes this was a mini rant...for it was not 4 pages long. but i shall stop now, b/c frankly, i'm tired, and going to bed. ---power to the l33t! lol...

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