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Social Engineering Video?


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Hey guys,

This is a real shot in the dark but I have been trying to find this video about social engineering. Hopefully someone has seen it and could point me in the right direction.

Anyways it is a video of a guy demonstrating social engineering attacks. In the video the guy calls in to different company trying to get information. What makes the video stand out is that the guy wears different company hats when he calls. For example when he calls Verizon he puts on a Verizon baseball cap and pretends to be one of them. Then switches it for different companies.

I think the video could have been a training video to protect against attacks. I remember it was not a real life run and that it was all staged.

Hopefully you can help


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omfgwtfbbq, haven't seen that one in a long time. You talking about the one with the rap video "Don't copy that floppy"? Not sure that has anything to do with SE, but man thats a funny video.

This one is another SE video I just found:

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