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How's your Perl?


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Exercise 1: Create an array @x such that changing $x[0] also sets

$x[1] to the same value

Exercise 2: Given a pre-declared function "foo", write a code snippet

that invokes it in an infinite loop; in 10 chars

Exercise 3a: Create $foo such that $foo->[1] == $foo->{1}

Exercise 3b: Create $foo such that $foo->[1] == $foo->(1)

You must use different solutions for the two

Exercise 4: Dump core in 6 chars

Exercise 5: Create a static variable lexically scoped to a sub, and

no wider than that. It's ok if it blows up under recursion

Exercise 6: Create $x, $y such that $x eq $y && $$x ne $$y

Exercise 7: Create $foo such that fileno($foo) && !*$foo

Exercise 8: Create $foo such that ($foo^=0)++ eq $foo++

Exercise 9a: Create $foo such that eval(q[$$foo]) != eval(q[0+$$foo])

Exercise 9b: Create $foo such that eval(q[$$foo =~ / /]) && !$$foo

Exercise 10: Make $x::y::x::y::y::x::y::x::x::y::y::y::y::x::y::y true

in 26 chars of code

Exercise 11: Make <STDOUT> eq <+STDOUT> in 25 chars

Bonus Exercise: The code snippet 'sub foo{} goto +foo' produces an

error: "Can't find label SCALAR(0x31c70c)" (the address may vary)

Where does that ref come from? What does it point to?

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