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USB Switchblade Development

Darren Kitchen

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Stupid website had to create an account jsut to write this message.

Right so yes my soloution does NOT need U3 technology, basically you should jsut unzip it to the root of your memory stick and it shoudl work correctly.

I made ths just for my use mainly, but i sent it to darren, and he showed it. I think a quick fix was provided, but I will all more features to it in later dates, so yeah.

Basically the file runs a batch script that creates a folder called the computername in the dump folder. In there it saves the different types of files. history and stuff.

You can get more programs that you can put into the script from www.nirsoft.net

Thats it


Sorry for the shabby coding ill update it soon, I really need to update it because school is starting :)


I just tested the rar form the links darren gave and it works fine on my memory stick. its dumping the files just fine.

Can you please tell me the batch scripts for adding the Nirsoft tools. Thanks :D

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For some reason I can't get Gonzors release of the Switchblade to install properly. When I run the customizer, it gives me "U3 Customizer can only customize one device at a time. Please eject all devices except the one you want to customize."

the thing is, the 4GB Cruzer is the only device attached to the PC.....any help?

EDIT: Btw, i'm running it w/ admin privs. & i've moved the U3Custom.ISO file to the BIN folder located in the customizer folder.

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