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Linux Ftp Server


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Hi all,

I have been playing around with Ubuntu Server 11.10 with basic OpenSSH package installed from setup.

I have installed proftpd and have been playing around with users and directories etc but came across one issue. I now have two users using the following command

sudo useradd username -p password -d /home/directory -s /bin/false

the above works great but what I really want to do is, make "username" only see "directory". At present, when I log in with "username" I am pointed to "directory" but I can back out of that directory and go to the home directory thus allowing access to other directories (using filezilla on windows).

User, how would I go about editing and deleting users? I have also been looking at trying to remove and edit permissions but I cant seem to figure it out.

Hopefully you guys understand what I mean!

Thanks in advance

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