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Sslstrip In A Ics Context ?


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We see alot of sslstrip threads and info on the net regadring the use of arpspoof to capture and sniff packets.

However, id like to be able to use sslstrip in a different context. In a internet connection sharing context.

The setup im trying to achieve is simple:

My laptop connects to my own private network

I share the internet in my backtrack vm

The internet is forwarded with iptables rules to my router (pineapple)

you know the rest.

I am able to sniff the traffic passing truh my laptop.

When i use the usual iptables rules for sslstrip, ICS goes down for the victims.... I believe and obviously hat the iptables rules must be different in a ICS context, rather then using arpspoof. Am i right ?

Anyonme can point me in the right direction, or the right iptables rules ?


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