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How To Realy Protect My Computer


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I would like to know how to really protect my computer from ARP Poison.

1.Should I get another firewall? which one would be the best?

2.Should I use a proxy?

3.Should I get a program that changes my IP address constantly? If so which program do you recommend?

4. Or any other options you think would help would be great as well.

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What you need is ArpON, its an utility that alerts you and block ARP attacks. You should check it out.

Edit: Also I forgot to mention, you should use a VPN or SSH service, if you really want protection.

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Arp poisoning is something that is only going to happen on the local network, since its a layer 2 attack, so unless your home network is open and someone else can get on it remotely, you aren't going to be susceptible to arp attacks. However, if you are using something like wifi in starbucks or an internet cafe, etc, then you would want to SSH tunnel, or VPN your traffic on those networks, and that will protect against more than just arp poisoning attacks, but other attacks as well. For the most part, any connectivity done from some network other than your own, should always be done over a VPN or encrypted tunnel of some sort.

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