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Using A Wide Range Of Metasploit Attacks...


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Hi, need some help and ideas with Metasploit attacks.

When ever I search for anything I normally get tutorials on how to use a single exploit with a brief description on how the commands work.

What I need to do is use a wide range of metasploit attacks, this would be better if it was automated otherwise it would be rather time consuming. Is there any easy way of doing this?

I've set up an unpatched Windows machine and configured it to increase the attack surface + scanned it with Nessus to see all available attacks but theres not much in comparison with the amount of exploits MSF is capable of.

So far I found 1 paper called "snorting metasploit" (top google result if you search it) but I was wondering if there were any other options? Like any obvious ways to export exploits in the format of an attack over a network? I don't necessarily need to compromise a machine at the other end either.

Any help or input would be appreciated.

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