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Hi all,

Im new to Linux web hosting and I am currently testing to see how easy it is to setup. Although its been pretty simple so far, im struggling with virtualhosts (atleast thats what I have been reading up on. http://www.linuxselfhelp.com/apache/manual/vhosts/name-based.html

I have setup two sites like in the example



ServerName www.domain.tld

DocumentRoot /www/domain



ServerName www.otherdomain.tld

DocumentRoot /www/otherdomain


but when going to the sites, i get a 404 error. The requested URL / was not found on this server.

Am I doing something wrong here? :(

Using apache2 and latest Ubuntu

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ok ok, rookie mistake - changed it to /var/www/domain

works now :)


Okay so I have an actual question now. I have setup a VM with VirtualBox and have assigned a static IP so that i can access it from within my network. But question now is, if i just want to be able to access it from this computer so that I can roam around with this laptop and have access to this webserver whereever I am - how would I configure the NIC? I assume it would need to be NAT but what do I change the eth0 interface settings to on the ubuntu box itself?

At present, it has a valid network ip and its gateway points to my router. Thanks

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