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Win7 Installation/recovery Error With Grub4dos


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I am using the following config in the Menu.lst

title Install Windows 7

root (hd0,0)

chainloader (hd0,0)/bootmgr

It sucessfully boots Win7 installation or system repair disc but the recovery options after booting does not work .

If there is bcd error in my Win7 installation and i try to repair it with system repair disc , i get the following errors:

- automated recovery - failed to save startup options

- manual using command prompt:

bootrec /rebuildbcd - The system cannot find the device specified . This command completes successfully only when booting with the CD.

bootrec /everythingelse - completes successfully

Q . Any other options apart from this for integration win7 with Grud4dos?

Q. Any other tools that would do the same job?

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The recovery option works by booting to WinPE. This is normally installed on the 1st partition of your hard disk and Win7 is installed on the 2nd partition.

If you install Win7 to a blank unpartitioned HDD, then Win7 will make these 2 ptns for you. If you install Win7 from an install DVD to an existing ptn, then it won't create this first boot ptn and so you cannot make a recovery option as there is no recovery/WinPE ptn on the disk.

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