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whats the best mac like live linux ditro?


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First and foremost: either get a mac or try Darwin, the open source distro that has exchanged a lot of code with Mac OSX.

Second, try Enlightenment for the general look. E is probably the most configurable window manager out there and it's performance is really good too in spite of that. But, it's _only_ a window manager. So that whole 'window menu bar is along the top of the screen' thing that at least the old macs used to have (haven't used a mac in ages, but that was one 'feature' I really did not like) you might have a hard time finding something similar.

If that's the interface stuff you're looking for, see if you can bend Gnome or KDE to look that way, but I think you've got an uphill battle ahead of you.

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Those assholes. nVIDIA doesnt even have working chipset drivers, so any good lawyer could transform that into video drivers, then since their worthless, you could include them in and release under he GPL

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i really like the mac interface and i want to know whats the best live linux distro that has a gui that looks like a mac i already have dream linux and elive(mouse isnt suported) what do you recomend?

I know this is on the other side of things....but for Windows XP there is an OS X mod/skin called "Flyakite OS X", that changes the login, bootscreen, windows, icons, etc. I downloaded it for when I rarely use XP, but so far it's been great.! Link: osx.portraitofakite.com

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