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How to stream music online


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I know its kind of a strange way to do it, but there's a program called "ajoo blast" that will let you setup a streaming music server, and you can connect to it with a second copy of the client. It's kinda limited in that its only ajoo to ajoo communication, but its a good thing if you just want to play music privately for yourself. :)

otherwise, shoutcast and winamp will let you setup an official streaming audio content thats compatible with everyone else.

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What I'm wondering about with both that and the icecast/southcast thing, does it somehow also transmit the ID3v2 tag of the MP3 prior to playing?

I've got a massive collection of MP3s currently playing randomly on my main machine. I plan to more formalize it on a network server and have multiple rooms in my house tune into the stream so I can enjoy my own music (as opposed to some radio host jackass who can't get over himself) all over the house rather than just this one room.

BUT I also want my last.fm updates going through, and when I notice some really cool song I want to be able to quickly see what band that was as that might be something worth checking out live (possibly even buying the album. Yeah, I'm one of those guys. Sue me).

So, do those programs transmit the info from ID3v2 tags over their stream?

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i've worked with icecast b4... all you need is icecast (as a server), winamp(as the player/playlist organizer), oddcast (as a way of getting the music from winamp to icecast) and the Lame plugin(if ur gunna stream mp3 instead of ogg).

get everything configured properly and you've got urself streaming music.







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