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Wess's myspace comment.


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I copied this off what I posted on Darrens page but it goes equally for you.

"Great show man I made a small paypal donation.

You have no idea how much impact your show has had even on my redneck neighborhood.

You put technology in a fashion that has allowed me to grab some friends that had the belief they would never be able to do something so amazing. And find out that they have the ability to make an arcade machine.

End result is my neighbors asking me "when's that new hack show coming out?".

I would like to see though more home made save money mods. Arcade machine was great. lazer pen was fun to try. And the keyboard touchup was fresh as well.

Keep up the great work and it would be my pleasure to keep supporting your work!"

If your not one of Wess's 54 friends, your not cool!


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i don't have a myspace, but everyone who does should die. I think that should be made into a law, that it's ok to kill a myspace user.

I got a youtube account once ...so i could look at the dirty videos :twisted:

that was before i found bugmenot,

and before i realised youtube = myspace + video uploads.

i feel so dirty

anybody know how to cancel a youtube account

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If your not one of Wess's 54 friends, your not cool!


I just need to make this very clear.

That's not Wess' myspace profile. It's a fan made profile. And it should be clearly marked. Now I wish I remembered who created it. It needs to be altered so that people know it's a Wess fan page. Supposedly there's one for my floating around too. whatever.

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nooob question .... why does msot ppl hate myspace and youtube ( i dont have accounts in any of them ) but i was jsut windering

i actually found a pretty good answer to this, beyond the one that i posted before. i only read the first bit (cos it's long as and as if i'm reading it all)

you get a pretty good idea of what the problem with myspace is; very accurate


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