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Printer Problem


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Hello All,

I'm by no means a Printer Expert. I'd appreciate some help here. I don't know even where to start. For the past few weeks I've been having printer issues. I have a Dell 2130cn printer and it's connected to my network via ethernet to my router. All clients connect to the printer wirelessly. The printer has a dedicated IP. There aren't any other wireless issues currently. Everyone in my household gets printer offline when inspecting the documents that are present in queue. However, I'm able to ping it and visit it's admin page. To temporary correct the problem I'd have to restart the print spooler on the machine at that time when you want to print. Today for some reason this fix isn't working. I've had the printer send to printer directly not spool the job. Does anyone know how to correct this issue? I've Googled not much luck.

Thanks for your time and attention,

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have you tried powering the printer off and on again? Is the printer in offline mode? Does the printer need more memory (if its one that can be added to), and is the printer drivers up to date on all the machines? Check the connections, make sure the ethernet cable isn't faulty and there are no communication errors, interference with the network and that the ethernet cable isn't running over any other wiring or electronic devices. Just trying to throw out some general ideas.

Does the printer keep an error log of any kind?

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Thanks guys for all of your help. This setup has worked for years. Then all of sudden no more. Yeah, never expect anything to last forever. What I had to do was reset the printer to factory defaults and update the drivers. The drivers went a few years without updating that is why I never bothered to check or to upgrade them since everything worked.

And, Yes, The Dell printers work the same way, you can't have both wired and wireless connections. This printer is weird it requires a wireless dongle which I have but don't use. It doesn't play nice with WPA2.

Thanks again,

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For some apparent reason, I never had luck with setting up wireless on printers, they can be a real pain to set up sometimes. I always preferred to use wired connection, not because of the simplicity of the setup, but interference can always occur on wireless.

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